Suzanne Waters Illustration


popping the blog cherry...

  Oh, hey...

Oh, hey...

Where has the year gone? Why are the month's going by so quickly? When did I start saying sentences my mum would say when getting a discount perm in the back of the Post Office? That's a flavour of how March feels to me. The big plans I made in the New Year growing on my imaginary '2016 is your year' wall mural.

So this is on that mural, a new, and hopefully improved website with the addition of my blog, yup... a blog, one of those things people write blogs about complaining about blogs.

It will hopefully be a place for my brain to come and expel some weirdness, share inspiration, post art, typography, illustration and graphic design, basically things that I enjoy looking at with my eye holes. Along with the odd link to music, videos of cockatoos losing their shit, and some work in progress posts.

So my blog cherry is popped, painless and no juice got on my white top. Hopefully you'll return to see what's been hiding out in the recesses of my mind. 

In the words of my mother, talk to you later, give me 2 rings when you're home

Suz x