It all started when...

I realised that becoming a Vet meant putting animals to sleep, so I became a designer instead. I'm Suzanne, a pint-sized multi-disciplined graphic designer based in Glasgow, Scotland. 

I've been a designer for <coughs> over 16 years, working full-time as a Senior Designer and freelancing for the last 8 years. I've worked on pretty much every element of design throughout my career and still love my chosen profession.  

My lowpoly designs are a recent passion and can take up to 12 hours for me to produce, polygon-by-polygon. I don't use any filters or apps to produce them, I draw them all individually in Illustrator with my trusty Wacom pen. Hence the eyeballs like dusty pocket raisins. 

From pop culture celebrities, musicians to family and pet portraits I can create unique pieces of art for your business or home.

Clients include Ed Sheeran, Warner Bros Music, Mazda UK, Capital FM and Boom Magazine Asia.